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Shipping Overseas – a Seller’s Guide

My Recent Sales

My Recent Sales

The good and bad and ins and outs of shipping overseas with Ebay.
This guide covers shipping using standard postal services in the UK, but may also help if using other services, or if you ship from other countries.
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Buy Local – Guernsey and Jersey

With the recent LVCR ruling discriminating against small Channel Islands sellers, would now not be a great time to start buying and selling locally within the islands?
There are some local selling websites that anyone can advertise on, though I won’t list them here.

Did you know, you can buy from Guernsey and Jersey sellers on Ebay too?
It just takes a little searching …
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Selling from the Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey) to the UK

What a subject, never so controversial as now (March 2012).
I am a seller in Guernsey. I am local to Guernsey and make a part-time income from Ebay.
Trying to sell from Guernsey into the UK (on Ebay UK, which is our local Ebay) is a minefield.
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