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Postal Mail Tracking to the USA with USPS, TrackChecker

Problems tracking your items going to the United States?

Although the USPS website used to give good information on Airsure items sent from the UK to the US, more recently there has been very little information in some instances.

I use an app on my tablet called TrackChecker, available from Google Play.
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Android “Puffin Browser” Fixes Many Issues (Galaxy Tab)

Puffin Browser for Android

I have just discovered this new browser while looking on Google Play.
I have previously evaluated many Android browsers, however I’ve ended up with mixed solutions, with some problems never addressed.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Now I have downloaded and started to evaluate the new Puffin Browser, I can state the following MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS over other browsers.
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Reasons to sell at a HIGHER price than competitors

Advantages of keeping your prices higher than your competitors
1) You can keep less stock and the orders will be less frequent (great if your storage space is very limited)
2) You have less orders to pack and post for the same profit
3) Returns, breakages or loss in the post, and unsaleable stock will have a lot less impact if you have a significant profit on each sale.
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Issues when partially cancelling a combined order

How do you partially cancel a combined order?
I recently had a buyer purchase 2 items from one listing, as a combined purchase.
After discussion with the buyer we agreed that I would only send one and refund for the other item.
But … does Ebay have a way to do this??? No!
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Too busy, or too slow? Use Pricing to change order rate

Sellers, ever found you were too busy to get your orders out, or too slow to reach a target?
You can manipulate your order rate by using price.

You may be familiar with dropping prices in order to get rid of slow or old stock, or hiking up prices to see how much you can get away with selling for.

But did you know you can also slow down, or speed up, your orders as you wish, to better fit the time you have available, or for other aims?
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Cancelling an Ebay order, for Buyer & Seller

Small but factual notice from seller to buyer.

“Hi, yes I received your order and fast cancellation request.

Just to let you know, when you Buy Now and confirm an order, the final value fee is charged immediately to the seller. Read full article …