Android “Puffin Browser” Fixes Many Issues (Galaxy Tab)

Puffin Browser for Android

I have just discovered this new browser while looking on Google Play.
I have previously evaluated many Android browsers, however I’ve ended up with mixed solutions, with some problems never addressed.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Now I have downloaded and started to evaluate the new Puffin Browser, I can state the following MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS over other browsers.

  • Easy switch between default Desktop or Mobile views
  • Very fast browser
  • Gmail desktop version is acceptably fast and INCLUDES CANNED RESPONSE, which is easy to use, as on a PC ! Though scrolling down to read full messages is fiddly.
  • There is a Virtual Mouse, one touch to enable. Works very well even on my Galaxy Tab 7″ P1000, which cannot support a physical mouse. Amazing!
  • One touch to bring up keyboard, one touch to toggle to Full Screen.
  • Large number of tabs supported, quick to switch between them and scroll along them.
  • Bookmarks, and folders for bookmarks are quick and easy to access and set up.
  • The virtual keyboard is supported by an edit bar for simple cut, copy and paste. Very useful.
  • I can edit my Ebay Reviews and Guides in Puffin Browser as if I were using a PC. This is amazing, I haven’t found any other Android browser that will let me do this.
  • In Paypal I can use the second row of tabs, which doesn’t work in any other browser.
  • If I still have any problems with accessing menus, the virtual mouse gets around it.
  • You can even drag and drop in browser with the virtual mouse, though this is not very easy. No other browser I have tried provides this functionality at all.
  • Accessibility to problematic websites is good and fast with this browser.


  • Puffin browser takes a lot of running memory. It still works fast, but navigation outside the browser may be slow.
  • Shortcuts on the browser homepage are available, but rather limited in number.
  • In landscape mode, the standard virtual keyboard, together with the Puffin edit bar, takes up more of the screen than is comfortable. OK in portrait.
  • Although this browser is excellent on my Tab, I have not yet tested it using the other Android tablet I have, a very cheap Chinese one. Perhaps it might work less enthusiastically like other apps I have tried on it.
  • The browser includes Flash support which I have not specifically evaluated, however on the free version the Flash support finishes after two weeks. The full version costs less than £2 and I will be buying it if need be, this browser is so good.
  • As the servers for this browser are in the US, you cannot access content on some UK-only sites such as BBC iPlayer. (Conversely, you CAN access BBC Future and BBC Travel and some US-only sites).
  • It is great having such good access to full web pages, but there is no getting around the fact that full web pages are designed for a full size screen, making links fiddly to use on a small screen.


This is a very good browser, combining many of the best qualities of my previous favourite Android browsers, and making vast improvements on all of them in many ways.
I’m sure I’ll still use my other browsers sometimes, but the fact that Puffin Browser fixes so many niggles is just amazing and I will use it a lot from now on.
It will increase the types of jobs I am able to do on my tablet.

If you use Android and find the above useful, I would appreciate your comment below. Many thanks!


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