Cancelling an Ebay order, for Buyer & Seller

Small but factual notice from seller to buyer.

“Hi, yes I received your order and fast cancellation request.

Just to let you know, when you Buy Now and confirm an order, the final value fee is charged immediately to the seller.
This is retrievable using the Ebay cancellation procedure, a manual operation through the Resolution Centre which takes me up to two separate actions to complete.
Once you pay, the Paypal fee is also taken.
The Paypal refund from seller to buyer is a separate manual procedure via Paypal, and 20p of the Paypal fee is never refunded to the seller, who has to fund the difference from their own pocket.
So if you are not sure about buying probably best not to do it.

I will cancel your order and process your refund within 24 hours.
No harm done.
Best regards,

I am not particularly recommending any seller writes this, but it is one of the reasons why as a buyer you should please ONLY BUY IF YOU ARE SURE!
This is besides all the Ebay gumpfh that every purchase is a legal commitment to buy.

The above is what happens when an order is cancelled before it is shipped, and postal costs have not yet been incurred (another issue!)

Small rant over for today, thanks for reading.

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