Free Photo Hosting with Picasa, Improve Your Listings!

A step-by-step guide to adding more photos to your listings, for free!  My favourite software for FREE image resizing, watermarking, and photo hosting.


I have been selling on Ebay for over a year, and have built up to being a Top-Rated seller and a Silver Powerseller, and in late 2010  I opened up my shop, “For The Voyage”.

Along the way I have been learning how to improve my listings, products, purchases, and sales, and I feel ready to pass on some of the information I have learned that may help other Ebayers to get up and running a little faster.

What This Guide Covers

This guide concerns adding pictures to your listing that are hosted elsewhere, for free.

I have done some research, although I am certainly not an expert! But I have found a solution which right now is totally free of cost, and works well and fast with no annoying links, no adverts, no slow loading, no new windows, no expiring pictures, and no Ebay picture fees.

I have tried and tested various “free” popular photo hosting options including Auctiva, Photobucket, and found that they all seem to have restrictions – they may delete your images after three months, they may limit the number of photos you can host then you have to pay, they may force you to view the photos in a new window with adverts, which also takes too much time to load, and they may require an Ebay “token” which regularly needs to be renewed.

My solution should be “fit and forget” !!

My solution allows you to :

  • Shrink your pictures
  • Add a watermark to your pictures
  • Store your listing photos on the web with 1Gb free picture hosting (could be multiplied with extra accounts)
  • Have your photos hosted indefinitely – they should never expire
  • Embed pictures directly in listings
  • Add any number of photos to your listing for no extra cost


Hardware :

  • Digital camera
  • PC connection cable and software

Software :

  • VSO Image Resizer   (free)
  • TSR Watermark   (free for personal use)
  • Picasa 3   (Google product – free)
  • Picasa Web Albums (requires google account – free)
  • And your Ebay account (any type).

Outline Procedure :

Prepare your photos

  1. Take your photos to best show your product and any features / defects (lots of advice around on this!)
  2. Upload your photos to your PC
  3. Check through and delete any bad photos
  4. Optional – improve / crop your photos with photo software
  5. Use VSO Image Resizer to make copies of your chosen photos in a smaller size – I recommend 1024*768 maximum, or 800*600
    (be sure not to save over originals if you need to keep them, various save options are available)
  6. Use TSR Watermark software (optional) to watermark your photos
    (note this software does not allow overwriting of your original photos – it won’t work unless you specify a different output folder)
  7. In Picasa 3, find and select your prepared photos, and right click to select upload to Picasa Web Albums

Add your photos to your listing

  1. Create or edit your listing on Ebay or in Turbo Lister (free), or other listing software
  2. Add your one free photo as normal, this will be your Gallery picture
  3. In the text description section, find the HTML view, and add the following line of code into the desired part of your listing :
    <P><IMG src=””></P>
  4. Add this line of code the same number of times as you have pictures to add
  5. Go back to your Picasa Web Album and view the first photo you wish to add to your item description.
  6. Click on “Link to this photo” on the right side of your screen
  7. Where it says “Select Size” click the drop-down arrow and select the bottom option for the largest picture
  8. Then tick the box “Image only – no link” so your listing pictures won’t link back to Picasa, they will display in full in your listing
  9. Then left-click once in the “Embed image” bar of text and your link will be highlighted. Type “Control-C”, or right-click and select “Copy”, to copy this link.
  10. Go into your listing description HTML again, and find the spot between the quotation marks in the first image line you added earlier
  11. Click once in this spot so the cursor is in the right place. Type Control-V, or right-click, Paste to add your photo link
  12. Click the Standard tab, or Preview or equivalent to see your picture magically there in your listing description!
  13. Repeat adding your picture links with the individual links from Picasa Web Albums for each photo until you have all your photos in your listing description
  14. When you are happy and BEFORE saving, I suggest you copy the whole HTML description (Control-A, Control-C) and paste it into a Notepad file for safekeeping before submitting your listing to Ebay. After all your hard work, you don’t want the listing submission to fail due to time-out or poor internet connection as you will lose your work!
  15. Save your listing and inspect it again to make sure you are happy with it.
  16. Test for loading speed and adjust picture sizes or picture quantity if necessary.

Recommendations / Disclaimer

As with any free services, you may one day find that a service is withdrawn or fails and your listings won’t show your remotely-hosted pictures.
Paid picture hosting may be more reliable if you have a lot of listings and want more security.
Some of the other software mentioned above can be paid for if you want to use it seriously.
There are alternatives to my recommended software which you may prefer or may already use, but I recommend these as they are simple and effective.

And – keep backups!

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