Issues when partially cancelling a combined order

How do you partially cancel a combined order?
I recently had a buyer purchase 2 items from one listing, as a combined purchase.
After discussion with the buyer we agreed that I would only send one and refund for the other item.
But … does Ebay have a way to do this??? No!

I didn’t want to just refund one item via Paypal as I knew pretty certainly that I would not get my Ebay final value fee back on the item not shipped.
Unless you refund at least 80% of the order the FVF is not credited to the seller, and I suspected that the combined order would put a spanner in the works.

I didn’t want to cancel the order as then the item that WAS shipped would not be recorded, and would I be able to input the tracking after cancellation anyway?

So I turned to Ebay Customer Service.
(Customer Support, Contact Ebay, pick a related subject, then click Chat with us, to begin a chat.
Note : have the item number and buyer ID handy)

I have had a good experience with Ebay support ever since I started to use their chat facility. ( I am not sure if this is available to all sellers).
The only thing is that you must reserve at least half an hour for the job, which seems a lot for a measly £1.50 fee reversal.
But anyway on point of principle, and so I could find out the “official” way to do it, and so I could report on it, I went ahead.

The support person was helpful and friendly and suggested some not very elegant solutions (obviously they have no proper way to handle this situation).
They suggested :

1) Refunding using Paypal. I mentioned the Final value fee aspect. Oh.

2) Refunding the whole order and asking the seller to re-order just the one item. No I don’t want to do that!

3) That I issue a partial refund for the one item and they would manually recredit the Final Value Fee.

That was what I was looking for. It was finally done within minutes, after a half hour chat session.
However it would be nice if there was a way to this through the normal Ebay system without having to ask specially and reserve time to deal with it!

I’m not sure what the moral to this story is, whether my making this point will help make a difference to the Ebay processes, but at least I can let other Ebayers know this is a bit of a problem!

I hope this guide is useful or interesting to you, if so I would appreciate your Yes vote below.

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