Postal Mail Tracking to the USA with USPS, TrackChecker

Problems tracking your items going to the United States?

Although the USPS website used to give good information on Airsure items sent from the UK to the US, more recently there has been very little information in some instances.

I use an app on my tablet called TrackChecker, available from Google Play.

You can set up as many tracked items as you like, you can set up postal services to check by default, and you can set up a list of your preferred postal services that you can choose to check on each item.
It does take a bit of learning but is effective and saves a lot of legwork keeping an eye on shipments.
Tracking is very good to most countries.

In order to get more information than the USPS website gives you, you must select all three USPS postal tracking line items.
Then all the detail comes through (if USPS haven’t lost your item!)

The Trackchecker app brings up an alert each time there is new information on one of your items so is really handy.

I hope you find this app as useful as I do.

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