Researching an item on Ebay – Examining Feedback

This article relates to buying from a seller who sells multiple quantities of the same item. You can look for the seller’s feedback specific to the item.

You can determine if the seller has sold an item before in several ways:

  1. If the listing is multi-quantity, you can see next to the quantity how many have been sold from this particular listing. You can click to view more details of how frequently it is selling, and quantities purchased.
  2. If the listing doesn’t show previous sales or seems new, you can check completed listings for that seller – any earlier listings that ended less than two weeks ago can be viewed in the same way.
  3. You can manually examine the seller’s feedback. If they sell a lot of the item you are interested in, you will be able to find some buyer feedback on the transactions or items you are interested in. This fails if the seller sells huge quantities of other items, and you may find few if any of the feedbacks you are searching for.
  4. You may wish to specifically view all feedback related to that item only, from the seller’s feedback. Ebay does not provide a feature to do this.
    However there are other solutions available for free on the web that can help examine feedback in more detail.
    For this particular exercise I recommend
    They have several tools, the one useful for this is “Item-based Feedback”.
    You can enter the Seller ID, suitable text from the item title, and you can exclude feedback the seller left. The results take a while but provide just what you are looking for.

This last solution provides useful information on delivery, communication, item quality, and overall feedback from buyers’ perspectives, for the item you are interested in buying, from that seller.

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