Reviews and Guides – Improving Ranking and Gaining Votes

This guide shares some of my thoughts and experiences on ranking of Reviews and Guides on Ebay, and some helpful hints to improve ranking.

I have been enjoying writing Guides and Reviews during the last two years, detailing some of my selling and buying experiences.
I was delighted to get a Top 5,000 Reviewer link after a few months, and the actual rank kept climbing quickly which was good motivation, and I am aiming next for the top 1,000.
After 100 Yes votes I also got a notepad and pen symbol quite recently.

But – although I am close to the top 1,000 Reviewer level now, progress is getting slower and slower, and I started to wonder why.

Issues with Ranking

When I look at other ebayers with similar rankings (click on your ranking to see where you fall amongst others), I see that many of them have only written one guide or review!
The difference being that they did it about 6 years ago and have accumulated lots of views and a good number of Yes votes in that time.
So how can I compete with those who have older reviews and guides?

Improving ranking and Yes votes

1) Write lots of useful reviews and guides. Hopefully the lesser age will be compensated for by an accumulation of views and votes on many of them.

2) Write about what a lot of people want to hear. I write about Ebay, but some people write about coins, or cars, or pregnancy, or scams (aren’t there a lot of those guides!), or how to tell a real something from a fake something, which can get a lot of votes.

3) I recently discovered that with me writing my reviews and guides on, if I looked from, none of my reviews or guides were visible at all!  Considering there are 4 times as many people in the US as the UK, I have made copies of a few of my best guides which remain relevant across sites, and loaded them via They get views and votes which contribute to the total, even though the audiences are kept separate. Presumably this could be applied to Ebay Australia and other sites, I haven’t looked yet.
Also, a lot of people from a lot of other countries go straight to too, which gives even more leverage to reviews and guides placed there.
For readers who review on or other Ebay sites, this information could be applied in a similar way.

4) Write reviews on what you have purchased – whether purchased from Ebay or not.
Follow Ebay help on how to do this – and this can generally only be done with branded items.
Best of all, if you have bought a new or nearly new product which is still a current big seller, or hot out of the factory, LOTS of people will be looking for reviews on it. In other words, early reviews on current items get a lot more votes more quickly, rather than scouring your house for older items to review where in fact you have missed the boat on them.
If you always have to have the latest gadget then you are at an advantage here.
Me, I get things half price when they have been tried and tested already so my own advice isn’t so useful to me!

How does ranking work?

Well I haven’t got any hard facts on this and haven’t been able to find anything in Ebay help, but I have observed the ranking jumping up with more yes votes, and slightly down again when I receive a No vote.
I don’t think the number of of reviews and guides, or the number of views, has much or any effect.

Strangely, there are a few high ranked reviewers where only a small number of reviews and guides and yes votes are available to see. Lots of the Yes votes cannot be found. I don’t know if this happens when an ebayer removes or hides a guide, or if perhaps Ebay removes a guide.

Should I write Reviews, or Guides?

Write what you know about.
However the results in terms of yes votes may be surprising.
My highest rated article is a Review of a popular branded Android tablet which I wrote when the item had already been around for a couple of years.
But my best Guide, written earlier, has less than half the votes.

What happens if I close my Ebay account, or if Ebay closes it?

I suspect all that hard work will be lost. Best copy the articles into a blog too (and remember to back that up!)
But presumably nothing will retrieve all those yes votes.

I hope this article has helped you, if so I would appreciate your Yes vote below.

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