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Postal Mail Tracking to the USA with USPS, TrackChecker

Problems tracking your items going to the United States?

Although the USPS website used to give good information on Airsure items sent from the UK to the US, more recently there has been very little information in some instances.

I use an app on my tablet called TrackChecker, available from Google Play.
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Android “Puffin Browser” Fixes Many Issues (Galaxy Tab)

Puffin Browser for Android

I have just discovered this new browser while looking on Google Play.
I have previously evaluated many Android browsers, however I’ve ended up with mixed solutions, with some problems never addressed.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Now I have downloaded and started to evaluate the new Puffin Browser, I can state the following MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS over other browsers.
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What I REALLY use my Samsung Galaxy Tab for …

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ P1000 to help run my Ebay shop, in July 2011, to add to our computer family.

The Tab is capable of many things.
However it is clumsy and unreliable for specific jobs.
What may take 5 minutes on a computer might take 45 minutes on the Tab, including the clumsy operations, the crashes and the reboots.
So its use is in fact rather limited, where it might be possible to do some things on it actually I would rather wait and use my computer!

So almost a year after I bought it I thought it would be useful to say what I ACTUALLY use it for.
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