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Issues when partially cancelling a combined order

How do you partially cancel a combined order?
I recently had a buyer purchase 2 items from one listing, as a combined purchase.
After discussion with the buyer we agreed that I would only send one and refund for the other item.
But … does Ebay have a way to do this??? No!
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Cancelling an Ebay order, for Buyer & Seller

Small but factual notice from seller to buyer.

“Hi, yes I received your order and fast cancellation request.

Just to let you know, when you Buy Now and confirm an order, the final value fee is charged immediately to the seller. Read full article …

When and Why NOT to use Ebay’s Unpaid Item Assistant

… and how it completely messed up a transaction with a genuine buyer, embarrassed me, and lost me a final value fee on an item that was never paid for.

This Ebay tool is designed for sellers, to save you time monitoring unpaid items, to open and close unpaid item cases for you, and to claim back final value fees automatically.
But I recently had it work for me and completely mess up a transaction. I will never use it again!!!

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Ecommerce outside Ebay – Free Tools Tried and Tested – Part 1

Ebay was my first port of call when I decided to start selling online – I had already been a convinced Ebay buyer for several years.  I have really enjoyed selling on Ebay for over two years now, and have done reasonably well from it.

Meanwhile I have been on the lookout for other solutions for selling online.
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