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Too busy, or too slow? Use Pricing to change order rate

Sellers, ever found you were too busy to get your orders out, or too slow to reach a target?
You can manipulate your order rate by using price.

You may be familiar with dropping prices in order to get rid of slow or old stock, or hiking up prices to see how much you can get away with selling for.

But did you know you can also slow down, or speed up, your orders as you wish, to better fit the time you have available, or for other aims?
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Useful Free Software that helps run my Small Ebay Shop

Software and applications I use every day, or from time to time, that really help me run my shop. Much of it is free or very cheap.
For the one-(wo)man band type of Ebay business or Ebay shop, or anyone!
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When and Why NOT to use Ebay’s Unpaid Item Assistant

… and how it completely messed up a transaction with a genuine buyer, embarrassed me, and lost me a final value fee on an item that was never paid for.

This Ebay tool is designed for sellers, to save you time monitoring unpaid items, to open and close unpaid item cases for you, and to claim back final value fees automatically.
But I recently had it work for me and completely mess up a transaction. I will never use it again!!!

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Ecommerce outside Ebay – Free Tools Tried and Tested – Part 1

Ebay was my first port of call when I decided to start selling online – I had already been a convinced Ebay buyer for several years.  I have really enjoyed selling on Ebay for over two years now, and have done reasonably well from it.

Meanwhile I have been on the lookout for other solutions for selling online.
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Unpaid Item Strikes – Avoid Bad Buyers!

I have been actively selling on Ebay for about 18 months. During that time I am delighted to say that I have had a very high percentage of very pleasant buyers and this guide does NOT apply to them!

However there are a handful of buyers who make even a conscientious, dedicated seller’s life miserable.
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Free Photo Hosting with Picasa, Improve Your Listings!

A step-by-step guide to adding more photos to your listings, for free!  My favourite software for FREE image resizing, watermarking, and photo hosting.


I have been selling on Ebay for over a year, and have built up to being a Top-Rated seller and a Silver Powerseller, and in late 2010  I opened up my shop, “For The Voyage”.

Along the way I have been learning how to improve my listings, products, purchases, and sales, and I feel ready to pass on some of the information I have learned that may help other Ebayers to get up and running a little faster.
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