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Useful Free Software that helps run my Small Ebay Shop

Software and applications I use every day, or from time to time, that really help me run my shop. Much of it is free or very cheap.
For the one-(wo)man band type of Ebay business or Ebay shop, or anyone!
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Researching an item on Ebay – Examining Feedback

This article relates to buying from a seller who sells multiple quantities of the same item. You can look for the seller’s feedback specific to the item.

You can determine if the seller has sold an item before in several ways:
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Free Photo Hosting with Picasa, Improve Your Listings!

A step-by-step guide to adding more photos to your listings, for free!  My favourite software for FREE image resizing, watermarking, and photo hosting.


I have been selling on Ebay for over a year, and have built up to being a Top-Rated seller and a Silver Powerseller, and in late 2010  I opened up my shop, “For The Voyage”.

Along the way I have been learning how to improve my listings, products, purchases, and sales, and I feel ready to pass on some of the information I have learned that may help other Ebayers to get up and running a little faster.
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