Too busy, or too slow? Use Pricing to change order rate

Sellers, ever found you were too busy to get your orders out, or too slow to reach a target?
You can manipulate your order rate by using price.

You may be familiar with dropping prices in order to get rid of slow or old stock, or hiking up prices to see how much you can get away with selling for.

But did you know you can also slow down, or speed up, your orders as you wish, to better fit the time you have available, or for other aims?

Increasing Order Rate

I started to experiment with pricing for this purpose when I was trying to get my top-rated seller status back.
I had gone below 400 UK / Ireland orders per 3 months and had dropped to a tally over 1 year – which included a number of older, poor DSR scores. So I was doomed … until I realised an easy method to get my UK orders up quickly.
It still took me a long time to get my top-rated seller status back, but this pricing strategy did play an important part.

I had just ordered a lot of really cheap items as it happened, when my sales fell below the 400 per 3 months.
I realised that if I sold these small items at a very cheap price (basically making no money on them), I could give a very quick boost to my orders and get back on a 3 month basis for seller rating. Also, maybe the sheer quantity of (hopefully) good DSR’s would drown out the bad ones a bit.
This worked excellently on both counts and within 2 months I was within a whisker of getting my top-rated seller status back.
When I was fed up picking and packing so many things for no profit, I eased up the price.
At first the orders kept coming in but slowly they dropped off to a sensible level where I was making a sensible profit.

On one later occasion when I needed a sales boost I again dropped the price on these items. It took 3-4 days for the sales to pick up but surely they did. And again I increased the price when the aim of more sales had been achieved.

Slow Down Orders

The other way I have used this pricing is when I am really busy at home and can’t deal with so many orders – I have tried upping the price of certain items, in order to reduce the number of orders.
It works well!
And if it doesn’t work to drop the order rate, I make a bit more profit.

Free Overseas Shipping

Another by-product I discovered at a similar time is that, if you want more overseas orders, it is useful to offer free overseas shipping. Yes, really! When your items are seen from other Ebay sites your item picture is marked to show that free shipping applies, and it does help achieve more orders in many cases.

Often overseas buyers assume that there will be a hefty shipping charge if they buy from you from a different country, but the “free shipping” marker takes down a big barrier. You just need to make sure your overall price is high enough to cover the shipping.
This tip may help you achieve Global Top-Rated Seller status more quickly, which elevates your standing on many non-UK Ebay sites – assuming you ship internationally.

I hope this information is interesting if you sell on Ebay.

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