What I REALLY use my Samsung Galaxy Tab for …

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ P1000 to help run my Ebay shop, in July 2011, to add to our computer family.

The Tab is capable of many things.
However it is clumsy and unreliable for specific jobs.
What may take 5 minutes on a computer might take 45 minutes on the Tab, including the clumsy operations, the crashes and the reboots.
So its use is in fact rather limited, where it might be possible to do some things on it actually I would rather wait and use my computer!

So almost a year after I bought it I thought it would be useful to say what I ACTUALLY use it for.

My Most Used Apps

1)    Checking my emails.

Checking, rather than writing. Very short replies are ok but lengthly replies are too onerous.
Partly because I can’t see the original message while I am replying to it (especially with all the extra Ebay messages useless text thrown in).
And partly because I can type so much faster on a standard keyboard.

I use either the Gmail app for Android, or Gmail from within Boat Browser, which is one of my favourite browsers (it still crashes sometimes).
I use the Tab for email when I can’t get to my computer (son using it) or when I am out but expect emails (3G).
I can adjust labels to an extent ( I use them a lot), and I can archive emails I don’t want, to keep my inbox clear of rubbish for when I can get on my computer.

2)    Marking my Ebay items as dispatched.

I use FullPage for Ebay (UK) which is a paid app but is very cheap and 100% worthwhile.
This app NEVER shows the mobile version of EBay. Hurray!
I have set its startup page as my items awaiting dispatch, which I can tick off.

3)    Reading the news on the BBC News app. Yes really, that is the third thing I use it for.

4)    When I run out of news above, I can go to the Daily Mail Online app for more news and more photos.

5)    Trackchecker – I can input tracking numbers of items I have posted, to all sorts of countries, and it tells me when there is news on their progress!
This is a BRILLIANT app.

6)    Dropbox – gives me access to my most used files from my Tab.

However I would not edit and save any of this stuff from my Tab. I haven’t found an Office app which doesn’t mess up my “real” files.
And you can’t create a new file and put it into Dropbox, because you can’t actually “find” Dropbox in the Android file structure any more.

7)    Alarm Clock Plus – great for reminding me to get up and very customisable.

8)    Ebay App – sometimes useful but really I don’t use it much. It can be good for buying simple things.

It can be good for doing very simple edits to my listings, or occasionally making new simple listings.

9)    The Paypal App. Can be useful to check (very) recent history, to send money, or to request money.
Not necessarily 100% reliable, though the issues I came across could have been due to other factors. I have not used it enough to be sure.

10)   Browsers.

i)     Boat Browser – great for making shortcuts, and good access to many websites. My usual place to go.

ii)    Dolphin Browser – the only browser I would recommend for using Ebay, as it keeps to the full site.
I have a folder on my “desktop” containing Dolphin links to my favourite Ebay and Paypal pages.
Some of the links were taken from my computer as they are hard to get to directly from my Tab.

iii)   Firefox browser – can configure as a computer, occasionally very useful.
Keeps a list of last opened tabs, and typing in the search pulls up your frequently viewed pages, very handy.
Firefox is also good for security if a website doesn’t work on other browsers. A big app but worth having in your browser arsenal.

iiii)  The standard browser – I used it at first, you can set bookmarks, it is fine, but I found it crashed too much.
Plus viewing Ebay on it was hopeless as it keeps bringing up the useless mobile site.

11)   PDF viewers :

i)     Adobe Reader, free and good, however links don’t work;

ii)    ezPDF Reader Lite, paid but very cheap, and links work!!! (As I create PDFs with links, I can read and test them with this)
With ezPDF Reader Lite, you can go to explicit web page links, links which use different visible text, links within the document, and Table of Contents links.

12)   My kids use my Tab for all sorts of alternative things I would never have thought of. Subject of a separate article I think!

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